Razzia! is a multiplayer strategic card 'bidding' game. Use cheques of given values to take possession of the valuable spoils of Mafia business! Watch out for the cops though, they're trying to stifle those dealings at every turn.

A fast and fun strategic card bidding game, with planning and random elements. Razzia! is a world renowned and critically acclaimed game, that for the first time has been brought to touchscreen devices.

- Completely re-imagined, beautifully atmospheric hand-painted graphics.
- Single player mode (local with other players or with AI Bots of 3 difficulty levels)
- Multiplayer modes (Pass & Play, real-time online opponents and mix in AI Bots if you wish)
Roof Parking Simulator
Detailed tutorial to explain the gameplay for new players. There's also a short rule list for those already familiar with the game. Created in association with Dr Reiner Knizia, the original designer. New solutions introduced into the game and approved by The Master!

Tekst alternatywny
Tekst alternatywny
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