City of Secrets Walkthrough: 3×3 puzzle

Watch this video to solve the 3×3 slide puzzle problem.

3×3 puzzle

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    happymistakes says:

    Where’s the City of Secrets 3×3 Puzzle video?

    • Hi – sorry we missed that one! We have a low quality video which stopped me from uploading it (it was REALLY pixelated!) but we are going to sort out a better quality one tomorrow and I will upload it here tomorrow also!

    • VIdeo added. Hope it helps!

  1. I am stuck in the snake. I have done the 4,2,3,1 to close the hole but Max won’t go any dither. I don’t know if it’s me or what. I need to know what I’m doing wrong. I love this game. Please help!!!!!!!!

    • Hi. He should be able to walk further if you have closed the holes. Have you tried walking backwards and forwards a bit in case you were stuck on scenery?

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